Yes, a minister may resign despite the refusal of the president

The resignation of the Minister of the Interior, on Monday, may be refused by the President of the Republic, Gerard Collomb can indeed leave the Place Beauvau.
 | 02.10.2018 at 19:00
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02.10.2018 at 19:10

By Pierre Breteau

                                                                                                                "I maintain my proposal to resign," said Gerard Collomb Tuesday, October 2, after it was rejected by the President of the Republic the day before. The interior minister announced on 18 September that he would again run for the mayor of Lyon in the municipal elections of 2020, and that he intended to leave his post at Beauvau to devote himself to his campaign.
This resignation, proposed to Emmanuel Macron Monday, October 1, was refused by the Elysee. But can the president force a minister to return to work if he has resigned? The answer is no: a minister can resign, and it's very simple, say our colleagues at Checknews. They quote the constitutional expert Didier Maus: "It's even an extraordinarily simple procedure. "
The website of the National Assembly lists three situations in which a minister may cease his activities:
when the whole government resigns, in a "constrained" manner, which is akin to a dismissal by the President of the Republic, and in the case of an individual resignation, the one in which Mr. Collomb finds himself.Constitution and passage through Elysee
In fact, the President of the Republic has no direct role, it is simply he who signs the decrees of appointment of the government, but everything is done – on paper – through the Prime Minister. Even if, in fact, it is hard to imagine the Prime Minister alone leading this boat of appointments and resignations.
Recently, Nicolas Hulot announced his resignation August 28 live on France Inter without notifying the Prime Minister or the Elysee, otherwise they "would have once again dissuaded me," he said.
During the previous legislature, several ministers had left in rather bad terms, we can mention for example Aurélie Filippetti or Cécile Duflot, both resigning in 2014, who did not take the time to address a missive to the President of the Republic , before leaving the keys of their ministry.