Would Iraq have forbidden access to its airspace to a Russian military aircraft?

International16: 51 01.09.2018 (updated 16:54 01.09.2018) Short URLReporting information a ban on his airspace that Iraq ordered to a Toupolev Tu-154M making a connection between Moscow and the Syrian province of Latakia do not correspond to reality, announced the Iraqi embassy in Moscow. The Iraqi embassy in Russia has described as false the information of some media that Iraq has banned overflight of its territory to a Russian military aircraft from Moscow to the Syrian province of Latakia.
"Iraq denies information broadcast by several media claiming that the country has banned access to its airspace from a Russian aircraft. The Iraqi ambassador to Moscow, Hdar Mansour Hadi, denies this information, "Sputnik told the press service of the embassy.
In an interview with Sputnik, Hadi added that "the news was falsified" in an attempt to "influence relations between Russia and Iraq". He reported that Baghdad and Moscow continued to cooperate with Syria and Iran in the exchange of information in the fight against terrorism. A center was created for this purpose in 2015 in Baghdad.
The news site Al Masdar News had previously announced that the Iraqi authorities on Friday, August 31, banned the entrance of their airspace to a Toupolev Tu-154M party from Moscow to the province of Latakia, in the east from Syria.