Would Czech Exports Be in the Trap of the European Union?

What was once discussed in camera was the subject of an open discussion at the recent International Motor Show ( MSV) in Brno, where Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis stressed the need to reduce the dependence of Czech exports on the European market. Sputnik has talked to a specialist about it. Any addiction is bad, Frantisek Masopust, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Czech Republic for the countries of the European Community, told Sputnik Independent States (CIS), commenting on the statement of the Czech Prime Minister on the need to weaken the country's dependence on its deliveries to the EU.
According to the agency's interlocutor, 80% of Czech exports are oriented towards the European Union, and in the event of any crisis in the future, this could have a very negative impact on the Czech economy.
"There was nothing in this statement [du Premier ministre tchèque, ndlr] against the EU. This is simply a problem, similar to the much discussed question of the Czech Republic's reliance on Russian gas supplies. […] This is an identical problem. There is a need to diversify exports to minimize risk, "said Mr.
And remember that the automobile industry was among the most developed industries in the Czech Republic.
"It's not just companies working for the Czechs, but also supplying Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen products. In the event of a crisis in the car industry, these Czech companies will simply no longer have to sell their products, hence the imminent collapse of one of the most important branches of the economy, "summed up the head .