Women "respond" to a crocodile with their utensils and save a friend

Women hit a crocodile with their utensils to save a friend that the reptile wanted to drag in a river in the Indian state Odisha. Injured in her legs, she was then taken to the hospital. When 36-year-old Mani Dhaudia, a resident of Barakolikhola village, in the Indian state of Odisha, went to a river to catch food. crabs, a crocodile suddenly attacked her. Fortunately, other women quickly helped her, reports The New Indian Express.
"We attacked the reptile with our utensils, the crocodile let go and failed to drag Mani into the water," said Sagarika Mandal, a village woman quoted by the media.
The woman was rushed to hospital with several cuts and wounds on both legs. She received first aid and had stitches.
The New Indian Express states that there are no data on the exact number of people attacked by crocodiles. Yet according to local residents, reptiles kill or mutilate between six and 10 people a year.
"Most cases are not reported, people just disappear," said Arjun Haldar from Kharinashi village.