Will the world "collapse" without the EU?

The world would collapse if the European Union ceased to exist, said Wednesday the head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini during a speech at the University of Tampere, Finland, whose text was relayed by the website of the EU diplomatic service. The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini, is convinced that the world would be destined for an imminent end if the European Union ceased to exist, can we remember from its speech delivered at the University of Tampere, Finland and published on the website of the EU diplomatic service .
"Think about it for a moment. Close your eyes and imagine for a moment the European Union disappearing from the world stage. Let's say for a month, a week, even a few days. The world would simply collapse, "she predicted.
Although Mrs Mogherini admits that "the world is not doing well", she insists that "without the European Union, the situation would be much worse".
"I'm not sure it's a very optimistic phrase to say, but the world could be in a worse situation than today. But this is the reality of the facts, "she warned, adding that today" Europe is a superpower. "
"Abolish all the actions that we are leading as a European Union, with the Member States of the whole world, in terms of peace and security, development, humanitarianism, diplomacy, and you would realize that the situation in the world would undoubtedly be good, much worse, "she said.
As Brussels has become a "world power", the question now arises how to manage this power in an adequate way, she concluded.
However, this statement comes in the context where the UK is preparing to leave the EU, the Brexit should intervene in less than six months now. At the same time, several countries express their dissatisfaction with the course chosen by Brussels. This concerns in particular the field of migration policy when some states are skeptical about the reception of migrants.
For example, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is considered the main opponent of Europe's current migration policy, while Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini even threatened to close national airports to charter flights allowing transport migrants to the Apennines from other EU countries, Germany foremost among them.
This also concerns the economic field of Brussels and in particular Washington's dependence, which was clearly felt after American sanctions against Iran. Thus, the Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel, stressed that the United States did not have the right to dictate to European companies with which countries they "can trade and can boost economic activity".
As several members have denounced this initiative of Washinton undermining European companies and therefore the economies of the countries concerned, the EU has finally announced the creation of a mechanism to escape US sanctions against Iran.