Why are laptops forbidden on planes? Pilots believe the knowledge

Company22: 45 11.10.2018 (updated 22:56 11.10.2018) Short URLAny plane passenger remains deprived of his beloved device for the duration of the flight because of the interference it could cause, according to the crew members. However, two pilots seem to have the key to the mystery, believing that modern technologies allow the use of phones.Everyone is aware of the ban on using laptops and other tablets on board aircraft. Modern aircraft are even equipped with "airplane mode". But does the problem really exist?
It may be that Patrick Smith, an American Airlines pilot, has the answer.
"In the end, the problem of the telephone is more of a social problem than a technological one. In other words, do you really want to sit on a plane and listen to 200 people chatting at the same time? ", He said according to WalesOnline.
EasyJet pilot Chris Foster would share the view that modern technologies make it possible to use the phone during a flight.
"In reality, there is nothing to worry about. Aircraft control systems are so sophisticated that they no longer cause interference, "he told The Liverpool Echo.
He pointed out that the regulation went back many years, at a time when devices like tablets did not exist yet.