White Helmets: "Migration" to the United Kingdom?

International22: 17 30.09.2018 (updated 22:25 30.09.2018) Short URLLondon confirmed the beginning of the "migration" White Helmets and their families evacuated from Syria. Sputnik spoke with the Italian journalist Roberto Vivaldelli, author of the book entitled "False news. Manipulation and media propaganda, from the war in Syria to Russiagate. "The United Kingdom believed more than any other in the White Helmets, and even now, he poses them as heroes and grants them the status of refugees, Sputnik was reminded of Italian journalist Roberto Vivaldelli, commenting on London's decision.
"But the British government is still lying. […] The strategic objective of London was to change power in Syria, and the White Helmets were needed to discredit the government of Assad on the international scene, "said the interlocutor of the agency.
And to add that, obviously, the British had given it up.
"It is in the United States, however, the initiative to stop funding the White Helmets who have however received no official confirmation," continued the Italian.
According to him, members of the organization in Syria have simply stopped touching US money, learning that the Netherlands has also announced its intention to cut funding for the White Helmets because of their ties. with terrorists.
"After the victory of Bashar al-Assad, other countries, such as Denmark and Germany, may well emulate the example of the United States and the Netherlands," said Sputnik's interlocutor.
The White Helmets, who fled Syria, could settle in the UK, according to a statement issued Monday, September 24 by the British ministries of the Interior, Foreign Affairs and International Development.
The White Helmets are accused by Damascus of having staged their videos, of being linked to the most extremist groups operating in Syria, and of providing assistance to terrorists wounded in the bombings. The Syrian authorities have received reports that the staging of a chemical attack was being prepared in the governorate of Idlib.