What lies behind these mysterious blue lights filmed above Moscow

Unusual21: 29 08.10.2018 (updated 21:33 08.10.2018) Short URLSeveral blue lights, from indeterminate nature, were observed a few days ago in the Moscow sky and have already delighted fans of aliens. Yet, after watching the video, astronomers remained skeptical. Mysterious blue lights were observed over Moscow by a resident of the city who then posted a video on YouTube.
The video widely shared in social networks and taken up by television channels shows several lights of which five remain motionless while the other five revolve around them.
Although some Internet users have already admitted that it could be an extraterrestrial visit, scientists are more reserved in their conclusions.
Asked by Sputnik about the nature of these lights, the head of the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences Dmitri Bissikalo sees nothing extraordinary.
"The optical phenomena in the atmosphere are quite numerous. Suppose a situation: below, on Earth, there is a disco and a cloud passes over this area. These lights will be reflected and people will see in the sky a projection of light. I think it's something other than a UFO, "he said.
In turn, Nikolai Geleznov, a spokesman for the Institute of Applied Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences told the website Mosday.ru that the lights had probably been produced by a flight of drones because otherwise he would be difficult to explain why some lights remained motionless.