US police take a sex doll for a corpse

A sex doll that US law enforcement officers found in a garbage bag looked so realistically that they took it for … the corpse of a young woman.American police spotted a garbage bag containing what they took for the corpse of a girl, who finally found herself to be a sex doll, informs the British daily Metro. The story took place in the Richardson Forest Reserve near the city of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Law enforcement officers called a forensic pathologist, but before he arrived at the scene, they again examined their discovery. It was then that they understood that the "corpse" was nothing but a sex doll thrown in the trash. The police named it Mandi, nickname eponymous to the locality near which it was discovered.
Residents have built a small memorial in honor of Mandi where they leave messages, flowers and candles.
According to Metro, this doll could be one of the last models whose price can go up to several thousand dollars.