Two IDF soldiers accused of sexual harassment of Palestinian women

International12: 51 24.09.2018 (updated 12:59 24.09.2018) Short URL: A court has extended the detention of two Israeli soldiers accused of stripped naked and harassed Palestinian women at a crossing in the West Bank, Ynet reports. Israeli Defense Forces fighter and Border Military Police security officer charged with sexual harassment Palestinian women at Qalandiya checkpoint, near Ramallah.
According to the prosecution, the two perpetrators sexually touched Palestinian women and forced them to undress during their search. They also stole money from them, says Ynet.
For Israeli justice, the behavior of the accused could be interpreted as an "abuse of power on racist grounds".
Although one of the defendants rejected the allegations against him, Ariella Segal, the defense attorney general, points out that "serious suspicions" persist in the case and that further investigations are needed.
The Qalandiya checkpoint is regularly quoted in the media as a hotbed of tension between Palestinians and IDF soldiers. Those who cross it often report harsh interrogations by Israeli soldiers.