Turkish Stream: Russia evokes its priority destinations in Europe

Economy20: 59 09.10.2018 (updated 21:01 09.10.2018) Short URLThe first deliveries of Russian gas to Turkey via the gas pipeline Turkish Stream could start on January 1, 2020. Among its priority destinations in Europe are to date Bulgaria and Austria. The construction of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, intended to supply Turkey with Russian gas passing under the Black Sea, is happening. in accordance with the deadlines, announced Alexander Novak, the Russian Minister of Energy. He said the first deliveries via both pipelines could start on January 1, 2020.
The minister also mentioned the potential European consumers of gas delivered via Turkish Stream.
"The extension of a pipeline should ensure gas deliveries in southeastern Europe, in countries that need gas. Several path variants remain. One variant concerns Greece and Italy, others concern transport via Turkey to Bulgaria, then Serbia, Hungary and Austria, "he continued.
He added: "We are currently expanding the gas transmission infrastructure in these countries, our priority destination is obviously the one leading to Bulgaria and Austria".
Announced in December 2014, the Turkish Stream gas pipeline project was to compensate for the sudden abandonment of South Stream, a previous gas pipeline project to supply southern Europe via the Black Sea and bypassing Ukraine. Russia had stopped him because of the blockage of the European Commission.
The commissioning of the Turkish Stream was originally scheduled for December 2016, but the project was halted in October 2015 due to a multi-month diplomatic crisis between Ankara and Moscow. It was finally reactivated in September 2016.