Turkey would amass its forces in Idlib against the operation prepared by Damascus

International16: 27 14.09.2018 (updated 16:28 14.09.2018) Short URL In accordance with its calls not to admit the offensive Damascus intends to launch against the terrorists in Idlib, Ankara continues to focus its military in the region, says Reuters.New Turkish military convoys entered the Syrian governorate of Idlib where government forces plan to launch a major operation against terrorists, Reuters announced.
Citing a source in the Turkish army, the agency says Ankara has reinforced its 12 points of observation around the Idlib area that were created as part of a de-escalation agreement with Russia. and Iran last year.
This information was confirmed by Mustafa Sejari, "a senior Syrian rebel," who told the agency that Ankara had sent Idlib dozens of armored vehicles and tanks as well as "hundreds" of special forces.

"Turkish forces in Syria have received reinforcements, their observation points have become permanent military bases," he said.
However, the Turkish authorities have not yet commented on this information.

Last week, at the opening of the summit between Russia, Turkey and Iran in Tehran, the Turkish President stressed the need to resolve the situation in the Idlib de-escalation zone which was, according to him, no only "an important geopolitical factor for the future of Syria", but also for the security of Turkey. Erdogan also called for a ceasefire in Idlib governorate.
Supporting the proposal of his Turkish counterpart, Vladimir Putin pointed to the refusal of the armed opposition to negotiate.
"I think the Turkish President is generally right, that would be good. But we can not answer for them [les membres de l’opposition armée, ndlr]let alone for the terrorists of Daesh * or the Front al-Nusra * to say that they will stop firing or stop using drones loaded with bombs, "he said. Vladimir Poutine.
Idlib governorate has been in the hands of al-Nusra Front * terrorists since 2015. Members of radical groups who refused to surrender to Syrian government forces during anti-terrorist operations in Aleppo, Homs and Eastern Ghouta evacuated through humanitarian corridors under reconciliation agreements.
* Prohibited terrorist organizations in Russia