"Too bad, there is no mug Benalla": the Elysee launches his shop, the Net laughs

France23: 01 14.09.2018URL shortThe fact that the French presidency has decided to market the emblematic expressions of Emmanuel Macron and selling in his new shop T-shirts with inscriptions "Croquignolesque" and "Poudre de perlimpinpin" encouraged Internet users to blow at the Élysée ideas for future products. 'Élysée, launched online this Thursday, now offers a range of products ranging from tricolor pens to gold bracelets and t-shirts with the emblematic expressions of the French president including "Croquignolesque" and "Poudre de perlimpinpin".
Yet, with their unlimited imagination, Internet users have found that the collection of the store lacked products with other expressions no less popular or with images that could sell with the greatest success thanks to their news.

However, some found that the prices were too high or did not appreciate the idea of ​​the shop.

It's great your fake t-shirts but the problem remains the same: Macron has printed T-shirts to his glory with our money.
– Petit Fayot (@Petit_Fayot) 14 сентября 2018 г.

– Chief, the country does not like you much.- Do not worry young Padawan, we will sell him t-shirts to my image to revive his affection.
– Laurent Chemla (@laurentchemla) 14 сентября 2018 г.