This young Egyptian spends two days under water and beats a world record

Unusual23: 31 07.10.2018 (updated 23:33 07.10.2018) Short URLAfter two years of diligent practice of the scuba diving, a 14-year-old Egyptian managed to spend 55 hours underwater and thus write her name in the Guinness Book of Records. On Friday afternoon, Reem Ashraf Fawzy, a 14-year-old Egyptian, emerged from the waters of the Red Sea, near Sharm el-Sheikh, where she spent 55 hours setting the scuba diving record.

Reem Ashraf Fawzy, a 14-year-old #Egypt | ian girl, has made diving on the world with a goal to break the world record for the longest time, make it into the Guinness World Records.https: // hbl1HrL47W
– Al Arabiya English (@AlArabiya_Eng) October 4, 2018

All the while, the young diver tried to lead an ordinary life, that is, to eat, sleep and even read.
Her main goal was to beat Australia's Cristi Quilqui, a 38-year-old record-breaking man, who spent 51 hours and 25 minutes underwater off California. until then the record for the longest saltwater dive performed by a woman.
The new record has already been written in the Guinness Book of Records.