This type of personality would be likely to live longer

Unusual11: 15 12.10.2018 (updated 11:16 12.10.2018) Short URLThe pleasantness is a trait of character that would be vector of a longer life. This is the conclusion of British and American scientists who have conducted a study on longevity among our "cousins" chimpanzees. Researchers from several American and British universities, including the University of Edinburgh and Georgia State University , who observed 538 chimpanzees in captivity claim to have discovered a link between the personalities of these animals and the length of their lives. They found that it was the males with a friendly character who were most likely to have a long life. This research was published by the eLife organization.
According to scientists, chimpanzees being our "cousins", the results of this research can be applied to humans. They point out that these animals have the same five main character traits as us: extroversion, neuroticism, conscienciosity, agreeableness and openness.
The authors of this research indicate that female chimpanzees with open character are also likely to live longer. But this correlation is less obvious in older animals.
No other trait seems to influence longevity in chimpanzees.