This math problem for Chinese schoolchildren "paralyzes" the Web (video)

This math problem for primary school students in China is becoming more and more popular in social networks. Published in the MindYourDecisions channel, it has already been viewed more than 240,000 times. In this video, broadcast on the MindYourDecisions channel, Internet users are offered to solve a math problem designed for primary school students in China. Taking into account the number of comments left below the video, it seems that it has attracted a lot of interest.
The author of the video asks in particular to calculate the height of the table, provided that the distance between the head of the turtle, which is under the table, and the head of the cat on the table is 170 cm, on a image, and the distance between the cat's head under the table and the head of the turtle on the table is 130 cm, on the other image.
The author of the video provides two ways to solve the problem. According to the first, we must put an equation and then "reduce" cats and turtles. According to the second, it is necessary to mentally put the two tables on top of one another and to "reduce" the animals again. So, we will get the height of the table, namely 150 cm.
It seems that many Internet users have managed to make good calculations.
"I solved it in less than 10 seconds," wrote Jervin Sevilla.
"Without watching the video, I think the answer will be 150 cm," said Varun Gupta.
"It's very simple," others said.