the trial continues, the procedural battle also

After the rejection by the court of the priority questions of constitutionality that they had raised, the lawyers of the Swiss bank put in question the instruction, Thursday .
                                The UBS trial delivered two truths, Thursday, October 11: the hearing continues, without having really started. This paradox is largely due to the stubbornness of the many lawyers of the Swiss bank and its former leaders judged to have put in place a vast system of tax evasion.
During the second day of hearing before the 32nd Criminal Court of Paris, the councils have reloaded their ammunition in the battle of procedure started since the opening of the trial on Monday. President Christine Mée and her assessors rejected, Thursday, the three priority issues of constitutionality raised by the defense three days earlier, judging, according to the formula, "devoid of seriousness"? Regardless, the lawyers at UBS and its officials focused on the trial of the investigation when considering the "exceptions of nullity".

In turn, they took turns, using their oratorical skills to say all the harm they thought of the work of the two judges, Guillaume Daïeff and Serge Tournaire, who for five years, from 2012 to 2017, investigated the UBS file . The work of undermining lasted several hours. A lawyer denounced their "laziness" and "vagueness" of their order of reference, going as far as counting in the document the repetitions of the adverb "in particular", sign, according to him, a "certain casualness" . Another mocked their "stubbornness", their "jokes, small maneuvers and secretiveness", before concluding: "Everything is wobbly. Another still held that arrest warrants for three defendants "neither necessary nor proportionate".
Kafka's Trial was mentioned. Kierkegaard was mentioned. The defendants exchanged a few laughs. In addition to the great thinkers, the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights and countless …