The Quebec Liberals lost more than half of the seats in Parliament. Why?

On October 1, Quebec's provincial elections were held. At the end of the poll, the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) dethroned the Liberal Party with an overwhelming majority, thus turning the page of nearly 15 years of almost uninterrupted Liberal government. Sputnik spoke with Rémi Tremblay, editor of the Harfang. The Quebecers chose the change by electing for the first time the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), the two traditional parties, the outgoing Liberal Party and the Parti Québécois, saw the number of their members melt like snow in the sun, told Sputnik Rémi Tremblay, editor of the Harfang, commenting on the results of the legislative elections in this French-speaking province of Canada.
"The Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) is neither a populist nor a right-wing party. It is a centrist party that understands that the demand to reduce immigration is quite widespread, "said the interlocutor of the agency.
And remember that until recently, the idea of ​​multiculturalism had been widely supported in Canada, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling Canada a "post-national" and "no identity" state.
"Under these conditions, many Canadians, including the province of Quebec, have begun to feel second class citizens in their own country. So, the current trend is only a natural reaction to the situation, "said Mr.Tremblay.
According to the latter, from the beginning of the election campaign, the Coalition avenir Quà © bec was expected to win, the majority of the inhabitants of the province having had enough of the Liberal government in power for 15 years.
"Most voters are opposed to the growth of immigration, driven by Trudeau, and accuse him of being responsible for the plight with illegal migrants at the border," said Sputnik's interlocutor, noting that Quebeckers who had supported the CAQ in the elections were keenly interested in the identity policy being finally adopted.
The media reports, however, that Justin Trudeau hailed the victory of the Coalition avenir Quà © bec.