The "only honest humanitarian initiative" in Syria would come from Moscow

Commenting on efforts to ensure the return of refugees to Syria, Ahmad Mounir Mohammed, advisor to Syrian Minister for Reconciliation, noted to Sputnik that the Russian project launched in 15 countries, including Europe, was "the only honest initiative", while the pressure exerted by Washington blocked European aid. Russia, which created its Center for the reconciliation of the parties in conflict in Syria and launched a major humanitarian project to bring refugees home, would be almost the only country that works for the restoration of normal life in Syria, told Sputnik Ahmad Mounir Mohammed, adviser of the Syrian Minister for the Reconciliation and member of the Russian-Syrian Committee for Reconciliation and the Return of Refugees.
"Unfortunately, the only honest initiative comes from Russia […]. France, Norway, Denmark have tried to participate in the sending of humanitarian aid, but this process is blocked by the pressure exerted by the United States, "said Mohammed while adding that Syria also appreciated the efforts of his Chinese and Iranian friends.
Mohammed said that 15 Russian embassies, including European embassies, are negotiating the return of some 6.96 million Syrian refugees currently living abroad. But the authorities of the countries in question refuse to collaborate on this issue, despite the large number of refugees on their territories.
"Countries like France, Norway or Denmark have tried to help provide humanitarian aid, but this process is stalled by US pressure. European countries and above all the United States are responsible for the fact that refugees are still in Europe. The only country that is interested in the fate of the Syrian people is Russia, "said Mohammed.
The official believes that the inaction of European leaders, which continues the migrant crisis, is explained by their desire to justify the policy of interference in the internal affairs of Syria. But they would do better to "serve the interests of their peoples instead of executing the orders of the United States."
"We want the European countries to participate in the repatriation of refugees and no longer suffer terror like us. Western politics has led to the spread of terrorism in European countries. They have protected and financed the terrorists and now the terrorists are turning on them, that's the result of their policies, "the advisor concluded.