The moment concerning help given to a bee covered with honey (video)

Unusual10: 50 02.09.2018 (updated 11:02 02.09.2018) Short URLSeveral worker bees of the same hive cleaned up their congeners who had been rescued by a beekeeper after falling into a honey extractor. The video of this moment was posted on the Internet. An incredible scene of mutual aid between bees was filmed in Michigan, USA: a beekeeper was harvesting blueberry honey when a bee fell in the extractor.
Trapped in sticky honey, it was impossible for her to get out. The help of the insect required the intervention of the beekeeper. The man pulled her out of the trap and dropped her in front of the hive.
But that was not the end of the rescue operation. Other bees then intervened to clean their comrade covered with honey. After nearly 30 minutes of cleaning, the bee could fly again!
The images of the moment of the amazing help operation of the bees have been published on the Net: