The habit does not make the monk: in Bordeaux, a man pretended to be a doctor

France15: 55 11.10.2018URL shortA man in his forties was arrested at Bordeaux for an unusual reason: stealing a gown and a stethoscope, he pretended to be a doctor for at least 15 days before being spotted by the hospital security services. Placed in custody, he acknowledged the facts.A 46-year-old man was arrested at Pellegrin Hospital in Bordeaux, where he pretended to be a doctor for at least 15 days, local media reported. .
He was arrested Tuesday, October 9 in the premises of the hospital where he roamed the corridors, a blouse on the back, a stethoscope around the neck and orders in hand.
How could he manage to stay unsuspected during all this time? Local media report that he systematically responded to staff questioning him that he was coming from another department.
As indicated by France 3, the man was mainly seeking to "get stuck" in the conversations of health professionals during their breaks. It was during one of these conversations that he was unmasked. The security of the CHU then held him until the arrival of the police.
According to the media, the "fake doctor" is unknown to the police.
In front of the police, he acknowledged his actions, justifying them with a "need for recognition," says France 3, pointing out that in the absence of a complaint from a potential patient, the man was released and will have to subject of a penal composition.