The fate of Moroccan minors in Spain, a subject of negotiation between Rabat and Madrid

International18: 23 05.10.2018 (updated 18:26 05.10.2018) Short URLThe fate of thousands of Moroccan minors in Spain, could be sealed in the next few days. This is what AFP reports on October 5, saying that the governments of the two countries have started negotiations in this direction. Morocco and Spain are negotiating to find a solution to the problem of minors entering the country Spanish illegally. This is announced October 5 AFP citing the Spanish Ministry of the Interior.
"If the discussions are successful, the latter [les immigrés mineurs clandestins qui seraient aujourd’hui plus de 10.000, ndlr] could be repatriated to their native country in the coming weeks or months," AFP said.
According to the Agency, a bilateral meeting has already taken place on 14 September in Essaouira, Morocco, on the same subject. "According to a Spokesman for the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, the Secretary of State for Migration, Consuelo Rumí, then perceived" the good will "of Moroccans for the eventual repatriation of all these unaccompanied minors", reported Agency, adding that "the Rabat delegation was headed by the director of migration and border surveillance, Khalid Zerouali".
Since the beginning of 2018, more than 78,000 migrants, 1,700 of whom have died at sea, have crossed the Mediterranean, while Spain has become a favorite destination in Europe for many refugee boats. Thus, 34,238 arrived in this country (359 people died during the trip). This is why in 2018 the flow of migrants trying to reach the Spanish coast has tripled.