The exaggerations of Marine Le Pen on the efficiency of Matteo Salvini

The President of the National Rally assures, in figures, that the coming to power of the extreme right has caused the asylum applications in Italy. The reality is quite different.
 | 12.10.2018 at 11:23
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12.10.2018 at 12:31

By Samuel Laurent

                                                                                                                Marine Le Pen keeps appearing with the new vice-president of the Italian council, Matteo Salvini, muse of the extreme right-wing European parties, and to praise his action and his efficiency. Invited Thursday, October 11, the "Four Truths", on France 2, the president of the National Rally (RN) has explained:

   "Salvini has demonstrated that it is possible to control migratory flows, thanks to a dissuasive policy of immi … MLP_officiel (@Marine Le Pen)

Why it's exaggerated
The assertion of Ms. Le Pen wants to believe that in a few months, asylum seekers would have learned the political lessons of the election of Mr. Salvini and chose other countries than Italy to file their application for asylum.
Matteo Salvini became chairman of the board on June 1st. According to figures from Eurostat, the European Statistical Institute, there were 4,715 applications filed in May 2018. In July (the most recent figure available), the number of applications was 3,995, a fall from 65% but rather 15%. And nothing indicates that there is a link between the coming to power of the extreme right and this decline.
Just look at the numbers over a longer period to see that the backlog began well before the League leader came to power throughout 2016.

Another reminder: Italy is a country of arrival of migrants, but many of them do not stay there, preferring to go elsewhere in Europe. In fact, if one compares the asylum applications of Italy and Germany, the second is largely above the first. As for France, we can see the inversion of the curves at the end of 2017, before, therefore, the arrival in power of Mr. Salvini.

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