The ex-US Navy officer also sent packages with ricin to the Russian President

International21: 23 05.10.2018 (updated 21:41 05.10.2018) short URL former US Navy officer who sent packages to the Pentagon and the White House in which traces of ricin were found confessed to sending similar messages to the Russian President and the Queen of England, Investigation documents. Sought to have sent parcels with traces of ricin to the Pentagon and the White House and arrested, William Clyde Allen III, former official of the 39-year-old US Navy, acknowledged this Friday. October 5 before the court that he intended other letters containing the same poisonous agent to President Vladimir Putin and Queen Elizabeth II.
In particular, he stated that he "sent letters from the post office near his home on September 24, 2018". The accused told investigators that he had placed ricin in each envelope and that he had also "sent letters of similar content to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Queen of England and Russian President Vladimir Putin. ", It says in the documents. He said he wanted to "send a message", without specifying the content.
He claims to have sourced castor seeds from the internet. "The extraction of ricin is relatively easy and does not require technical knowledge," says the indictment.
On Tuesday, October 2, traces of the ricin agent, highly toxic and sometimes used in attacks, were detected in at least two packages for the Pentagon. The parcels were brought Monday to the mail sorting center and not in the Pentagon building itself. The sorting center is a facility within the confines of the Pentagon so parcels containing ricin did not enter the building itself.
In addition, a suspicious envelope addressed to President Trump was intercepted Monday by the Secret Service.
Details to follow