The Algerian Army unveils the effectiveness of its combat readiness strategy

International12: 48 11.10.2018 (updated 12:52 11.10.2018) Short URL High level of preparation the combat achieved by units of the Algerian army is real, and denotes the effectiveness of the modernization and training program followed during the last decade. This is in any case what writes the review El Djeich, stressing the availability of the army to defend the territorial integrity of Algeria.The Algerian National People's Army (ANP) has led a real effort of modernization and of the preparation of its troops in combat during the last decade, and the maneuvers that it carried out, often with live ammunition, in particular during the year 2018, do not fall under the propaganda and the demagogic speech. This is what the review El Djeich (the Army), the organ of the ANP, writes in its October issue, in response to critics of those who doubt the preparation of its units in combat .
"The insistence on the importance of the availability and the combat readiness of the ANP units and formations in every part of the territory of our country in order to preserve and defend its independence and territorial integrity, do not take part in the discourse demagogic, "reads the editorial of the magazine.
"These combat operations, most often carried out with live ammunition, are likely to preserve and consolidate the operational readiness" of the ANP forces that have "made great progress on the path of development as well as to provide the elements with advanced knowledge in various specialties of the profession of arms ", it is specified.
While recalling that the plan for modernization of the Algerian army had been carefully and rationally thought out and executed by the high command, the media affirmed that the results recorded in recent years have demonstrated the "high level of complementarity and cohesion existing between the different formations of the ANP, as clearly demonstrated by the various combat operations they have carried out, which simulate the real conditions of the battle ".
As a reminder, during the year 2018, the ANP conducted several large-scale maneuvers with live ammunition, including the most important "Deluge 2018", "Sakhr 2018", "Sweep 2018" and "Storm 2018" where sophisticated weapons have could be tested.
During his visit to Algeria in 2006, President Vladimir Putin gave a new impetus to the strategic partnership signed between Algeria and Russia in 2001 in Moscow, erasing the Algerian military debt of 4.7 billion dollars. Taking advantage of the financial upturn of the 2000s due to the high price of hydrocarbons, Algeria has conducted a vast rearmament program for its army, through the acquisition of sophisticated new equipment and the modernization of older ones. Russia was Algeria's main partner in the effort to upgrade its army.