Ten years of decline in tax audits in figures

IN ONE GRAPH – The first union of the tax administration is concerned about the decline in the number of controls on individuals and businesses.
                                                                                                                The first trade union tax administration, Solidaires finances public, worried, Thursday, September 13 in a report, a "fall" tax audits in recent years in France, both for businesses and individuals.

According to the union, a company subject to corporation tax (IS) could be statistically audited every 31 years in 2008, as opposed to every 50 years today. Individuals could undergo an "on-the-spot check" every 44 years on average in 2008, and every 66 years in 2016.
This situation "is all the more worrying as the fraud has reached record levels," adds the union. Tax evasion fraud (the sum of tax evasion and social fraud) would represent "at least 80 to 105 billion euros a year".
As for Bercy, which does not confirm the decline in the number of controls put forward by the union, the emphasis is on the evolution of working methods, based on "more qualitative" and "better targeted" controls, through the datamining "(data mining).
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