Syrian diplomacy: US threats will not prevent the army from liberating Idlib

International14: 09 02.09.2018 (updated 14:29 02.09.2018) Short URLThe US threats to hit Syria under the pretext of a chemical attack will not disrupt the plans of the Syrian army to chase terrorists from the province of Idlib, according to the head of Syrian diplomacy Walid Mouallem.The Syrian army will realize its release plan of Idlib province despite Washington's threats to hit Syria under the pretext of a possible use of chemical weapons by Damascus, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Mouallem said on Sunday.
"The active efforts of the United States will not affect the determination of the Syrian people and the Syrian army to liberate Idlib and put an end to terrorism in Syria," the minister said.
According to him, the American allegations concerning the alleged plans for a chemical attack seem dubious to the public opinion and are only an excuse for a possible attack on Syria.
"We, the Syrian people and leaders, want the conflict to be resolved now, but the intervention of Western countries led by the United States is making things difficult," added Mr. Muallem.
The minister recalled that about 20,000 refugees had returned to Syria from Lebanon, thanks to the Russian initiative. But the West is trying to dissuade refugees from returning, dragging them into their political game.
Muallem said he was satisfied with his visit to Russia on August 30-31, before promising that Russian companies would have priority in rebuilding Syria.