"Sarkozy at great speed V": Philippe de Villiers lights Macron and ignites the Web

France14: 49 11.10.2018 (updated 14:55 11.10.2018) Short URLThe canvas has been rough since Philippe de Villiers, Emmanuel Macron's support of the first hour, said in an interview with Valeurs actuelle to be "deeply disappointed" by the behavior of the French head of state, the French President being in his eyes "sarkozy to speed grand V ". There is something wrong between Philippe de Villiers and Emmanuel Macron: this is the observation made by Internet users following remarks by the former leader of the Movement for France and president of the general council of Vendée in an interview with Current Values.
Indeed, if the sovereignist Philippe de Villiers showed his sympathy with Emmanuel Macron since their meeting at Puy du Fou during the presidential campaign, he admits today to be "deeply disappointed" by the policy of the French leader.
"I think, alas, that he does not live in the office and is mistaken in urgency," he lamented.
Questioned by current values, the politician regrets having had "the naive hope like so many others" face the renewal advocated by Emmanuel Macron.
"I had the naive hope, like so many others, that Emmanuel Macron would have understood this metapolitical mission […]the President of the Republic has a vital mission: to save the French civilization," he said. , quoted by Le Figaro.
He admits to having initially thought that Emmanuel Macron had everything to become a good head of state, therefore "an abnormal President who embodies the symbolic function". However, with time, he could only note his disappointment.
"When I saw the festival of music at the Élysée with transexual fishnet, and the finger of honor of the West Indies, I understood that he did not understand," he lamented .
Today, Philippe de Villiers returns to the profile of the tenant of the Elysee.
"I think today that it is perhaps the ultimate phenomenon of the achievement of this hybridization, unique in history, of the extreme center, characterized by the rejection of politics, and marketing, which is his erasure in favor of the image, "he says, pointing out that" from this point of view, Macron was "sarkozy" at great speed V ".
However, despite his rather harsh criticism, Philippe de Villiers says his "friendly relationship" with Emmanuel Macron remains intact.
Following closely this change in the politician's speech, netizens hastened to comment on his remarks.

I do not understand what could make believe Philippe de Villiers a compatibility between him and Emmanuel Macron.
– Dylkie (ID 51414) 🇫🇷🇷🇺 (@Dylkie) 10 октября 2018 г.

Homophobic, anti-abortion and racist … I do not see how he hoped to "convince" Emmanuel Macron 😁
– Florence (@____Florence___) 10 октября 2018 г.

Philippe de Villiers distanced himself from Macron. To tell the truth, I never understood the beginning of rapprochement a year ago. De Villiers seemed more lucid to me, though. Nobody is perfect …
– pharos (@ChandelonR) 11 октября 2018 г.

The party at the Elysee and the finger of honor have reasoned as a symbolic guillotine and a desecration of the function that you like it or not.
– Theodore (@vhtgffhhh) 10 октября 2018 г.

Some, however, wanted to remain philosophical.

And to summarize:

Must stop! even Mr Sarkozy has never made as much nonsense as the one who took his place!
– Marie P (@ 06_Mary_06) 11 октября 2018 г.