Russian Defense: USA responsible for the crisis in the Syrian refugee camp Rukban

International21: 35 11.10.2018 (updated 22:15 11.10.2018) Short URLThe United States is responsible for the dire situation of the 70,000 refugees in the Syrian Rukban camp, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, which calls on the US military command to open access to the refugee camp for humanitarian organizations and to allow refugees to The more than 70,000 inhabitants of the Rukban Syrian refugee camp are in a critical situation because of the United States, said Thursday the head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Conflicting Parties in Syria, Vladimir Savchenko .
The administration of the Rukban refugee camp on Tuesday (October 9th) posted a video on Twitter showing the dire situation of the Syrians there. This refugee camp is located near the US military base of al-Tanf. The US military is barring Syrian government structures and humanitarian organizations from entering the 55-kilometer zone around their base. The Syrian government and the Center for the Reconciliation of Conflicting Parties in Syria are thus unable to deliver humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees in Rukban.
"Also, the responsibility for the critical situation of the more than 70,000 refugees hosted in Rukban is based on the command of the US military," said Mr.Savchenko.
According to him, the Russian Ministry of Defense reiterates its appeal to the US command to open the refugee camp for representatives of humanitarian organizations, to allow refugees to leave the area to return to their homes and close the military base al-Tanf.