Roscosmos reveals the first results of the investigation into the air leak in the Soyuz

Sci-tech23: 00 01.10.2018 (updated 23:01 01.10.2018) Short URLThe commission in charge to investigate a depressurization of the Russian spacecraft Soyuz in August established that it was not a manufacturing defect but a deliberate action, said the director general of Roscosmos. The hole in the module Soyuz, which caused the air leak in the night of August 29 to 30, was not made during the manufacture of the aircraft, according to the preliminary results of the investigation of Roscosmos, announced by Dmitry Rogozin, the director general of the agency.
"The first commission of inquiry has completed its work. She ruled out a manufacturing flaw, which is important to find the truth. Now remains the version of an intentional action. It's the second commission that has to establish where this happened, "he said.
He recalled that the cosmonauts would come out into space on November 15 to examine the hole.
Mr Rogozine also indicated that in agreement with NASA he could not reveal the details of the investigation until its completion.
"If I say something too much, there will be a" hole "in our relationship," he joked.
Earlier, a source at the Russian spacecraft manufacturer Energia had informed Sputnik that, according to the results of an internal investigation, the hole in the module had been made by a drill. However, the company did not specify whether or not the perpetrator had been unmasked.