Presidential cacophony in Cameroon: the opponents all claim victory

While Cameroon waits for the official results of the presidential election, the two main opponents of Paul Biya, in power for 36 years, proclaim their victory and denounce frauds. These fiery declarations of Cabral Libii and Maurice Kamto will they set the country ablaze, as the partisans of the outgoing president, Cameroonian Imbroglio, seem to fear following the presidential election of October 7th!
While the counting of votes is underway, the two main candidates of the opposition have each in their own way claimed victory and denounced many irregularities. They are Cabral Libii, the pretender of the Universe Party (National Union for Integration to Solidarity) and Maurice Kamto, candidate of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC).

It is especially the statement of the latter which ignites the conversations in the country: it is presented in the opinion like the main challenger of the outgoing President, Paul Biya, 85 years old, of whom 36 in power.
"I received a mission to shoot the historic penalty. I shot it, the goal was scored. "
It is with this metaphor borrowed from football that Maurice Kamto claimed victory 24 hours after the day of voting, during a press conference at the headquarters of his party in the suburbs of Yaoundé.

Before the election, he chanted that he was going to shoot the penalty and score. In the aftermath of the presidential election, he speaks of accomplished mission.
"I take to witness the national and international opinion of the historic event that made possible in our country a democratic alternation … I received from the Cameroonian people a clear mandate that I intend to defend firmly until the end. I invite the outgoing President of the Republic to organize the conditions for a peaceful transition of power in order to protect Cameroon from a post-electoral crisis that our country does not need. "
By these more solemn words, the former minister and main opponent of Paul Biya confirms that he intends to defend his possible victory to the end. Maurice Kamto is not the only one to have claimed victory after the presidential election. The youngest opposition candidate, Cabral Libii, 38, also made the same Monday on his Facebook page.

"Thank you to all my compatriots who gave me their preference in the ballot box. There is no doubt, I am the elected of the Cameroonian people! It remains as I had said, to prove it … Thank you to all those who have made indelible sacrifices for this exalting work of political revival in Cameroon ",
did he declare. The standard-bearer of the Universe party also condemned the frauds and irregularities recorded in the electoral process.
"The irregularities will have been obvious, ignoble (repression of representatives, jams, absence of our ballots in the voting centers, physical violence, lack of names on the lists …). We are already rejecting the results of these fraudulent polling stations. We receive the PV and we will publish our results in the hours to follow.
Arguments reaffirmed by the young candidate, 24 hours later at a press conference at the headquarters of his party, Tuesday evening.

The post-election battles page is now open. The Electoral Code in Cameroon, however, provides that only the Constitutional Council has the power to proclaim the final verdict within 15 days after polling day. An institution presented by these protagonists as being in the pay of President Biya.
Yaoundé is in turmoil since the announcement of the "penalty scored" of Maurice Kamto. In the camp opposite, these multiple outings have not remained a dead letter. The ruling party has started and has multiplied reactions to condemn these remarks. Although so far, the outgoing President has made no statements as usual, the personalities of his party have condemned the attitude of the opponents.
Jean Nkuete, the secretary-general of the ruling Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM), has stepped into action since Monday (October 8th).

He summoned the press to react to the allegations, a few hours earlier, by Maurice Kamto. The Secretary-General of the CPDM has invited people not to give in to any form of provocation. For him, the attitude of Maurice Kamto is a breach of the rules of democracy that he wants to defend by acceding to the supreme magistracy.
"While the Cameroonian people calmly await the proclamation of the results by the Constitutional Council, to intervene within 15 days at the latest according to the Electoral Code, some candidates hold inflammatory speeches to proclaim themselves victorious and call for the uprising of the population to defend their alleged victory by creating a climate of tension, insecurity and violence in the country ",
insurgent Jean Nkuete. According to the ruling party's secretary-general, "such behavior is immaturity and political feverishness. They also reflect a disregard for the rules of the democratic game and institutions that their authors were ambitious to defend by running for the presidential election.
While Cameroon is waiting for the results of the presidential elections planned in ten days and that accusations of fraud and stuffing of the ballot boxes were launched by the opposition candidates, a certain tension has settled in the opinion and risks of popular uprising are to be feared.