Presenter risks one year in prison for beating a jealous colleague

International11: 36 02.09.2018 (updated 12:01 am 02.09.2018) Short URLIn the American city of Huntington, Caroline South, a weather presenter for the WSAZ TV channel has been charged with assaulting a colleague, said Charleston Gazette-Mail. A sad news item related to jealousy could cost a US television presenter one year in jail.
A WSAZ television meteorologist was charged in South Carolina last Sunday with physical violence against a colleague, the Charleston Gazette Mail reports.
Chelsea Ambriz, 26, a Huntington resident who works as a weather presenter has been charged in connection with an altercation with her colleague Erica Bivens.
The plaintiff, Erica Bivens, who runs the newscast, is said to have had a tympanic perforation and a broken skull, according to his testimony.
She confirmed it via Facebook announcing to her acquaintances that she was staying home recovering from a broken skull and ruptured eardrum and thanking them for their support.

According to the police report, a violent dispute broke out for reasons related to jealousy. The victim allegedly tried to seduce his colleague's husband and the two women came to blows.
The meteorologist has already been convicted and faces up to one year in prison and / or a fine of up to $ 500.