Norway will build a sarcophagus to cover the "submarine Chernobyl"

International09: 09 12.10.2018 (updated 09:18 12.10.2018) Short URLThe Norwegians plan to build a sarcophagus on the seabed to seal the wreck of the U864 Nazi submarine which was carrying over 60 tons of mercury and thus protect marine animals from the toxic substance, reports the Sueddeutsche Zeitung.Norway is considering the construction of a concrete sarcophagus and in sand to cover the remains of the U864 Nazi submarine carrying more than 60 tons of mercury and which had been sunk by the British in 1945, announced the Sueddeutsche Zeitung.
The media reports that in February 1945, the British torpedoed a German submarine that had broken in half after the impact. The U864 was traveling to Japan to supply Hitler's allies with strategically important raw materials, including mercury, which is essential for weapons production.
Since that time, the debris is about 150 meters deep near the port city of Bergen in southwestern Norway and was only discovered by fishermen in 2003.
Explorations carried out by submarine robots in 2005 showed that the seabed around the wreck was contaminated with mercury on nearly five hectares.
Approximately 47,000 square meters of seabed will need to be covered with a sarcophagus to prevent further contamination. The end of the works is planned for 2020 and the project is estimated at around 31.5 million euros.
This project, however, provoked opposition from the local population and environmental organizations who question the effectiveness of the sarcophagus and call to bail out the submarine and recover the mercury.