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The Decoders summarize, for readers of "The Morning of the World", the essence of the news of recent days.
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The week was marked by the difficult start of the government, between the departure of Nicolas Hulot and doubts about the withholding tax, and by the tensions around the extreme right in Germany.
Nicolas Hulot's surprise resignation Nicolas Hulot, Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, announced his departure from the government on France Inter on Tuesday 28 August. "I do not want to lie anymore," he said. He said he did not warn either President Emmanuel Macron or Prime Minister Edouard Philippe of his decision to leave his post. This resignation is seen as a political failure for the executive, who sees a very popular personality and symbol of openness to civil society.

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It is also an admission of helplessness for the former minister, torn between economic lobbies and the difficulty of responding to major ecological issues (global warming, air pollution, nuclear energy …). Nicolas Hulot had indeed lost many arbitrations on major ecological issues.

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Cacophony on withholding taxThe implementation of the withholding tax levy on 1 January 2019 has not yet been definitively decided. Head of State Emmanuel Macron said Thursday, wait for "precise answers" before deciding.

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The scheme worries business leaders and unions, who are worried about possible loopholes or blind spots. He is also criticized by opposition leaders, such as Laurent Wauquiez (Republicans). Withholding tax is also a political risky reform while the French are worried about their purchasing power.

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Germany's extreme right manifests Thousands of far-right sympathizers have gathered several nights in a row in Chemnitz, in eastern Germany, to protest the murder of a 35-year-old German man in the night from Saturday to Sunday, presumably by strangers. Monday's protest – it was the largest, with 6,000 people – resulted in clashes with far-left militants who injured about 15 people.

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The case took a political turn when it was learned on Thursday that the confidential information on the identity of the alleged murderers (a Syrian and an Iraqi) had been forwarded to the far-right group by a prison official. Other events are expected Saturday in Saxony.

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And also
Homosexuality. Pope Francis sparked controversy by saying on the plane bringing him back from Ireland that homosexual children could resort to "psychiatry." United States. A shootout killed three people and wounded eleven on Sunday at a video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida.Afghanistan. The leader of the Islamic State (IS) organization in Afghanistan and ten of his men were killed in the east of the country by an air raid.Guantanamo. The United States could send IS jihadists to the detention center, which has had no new arrivals for ten years.Tourism. Tourist attendance reached an all-time high in Paris in the first half, with 17.1 million hotel arrivals. The summer of 2018 was the second hottest in history in France, an increase that corresponds to the announced trends in climate models. Moroccan pop star Saad Lamjarred has been accused of "rape". He was indicted after being arrested on Sunday in Saint-Tropez (Var). Schools. Dedoublements de classe, laptop ban, return to the four-day week: summary of news just a few days before the school year.Loi Schiappa. Decoders twist their necks with amalgams and rumors circulating about the legalization of pedophilia or sex education at school. La Poste. The state will create a financial group allowing La Poste to diversify and absorb CNP insurance. The "war" between British and French fishermen is intensifying around the Saint-Jacques fishing in the Bay of Seine.Diplomatie. The writer Philippe Besson, close to the president Emmanuel Macron, will be appointed to the coveted position of French Consul in Los Angeles.FIFAgate. Juan Angel Napout, the former boss of the South American football confederation, was sentenced on Wednesday to nine years in prison for corruption. # Metoo. Gerard Depardieu was accused of rape and sexual assault on Thursday by a young actress, which he contests.Football. The drawing of lots of the Champions League was severe Thursday for PSG, AS Monaco and Olympique Lyonnais, who inherit a group of arduous hens.Disparitions
John McCain. National funerals are being held Saturday, one week after the US senator died of brain cancer. The former serviceman, a Republican candidate for the White House, had become one of the fiercest opponents of President Donald Trump.