Macedonia: participation is 36.36%, 50% needed

International22: 51 30.09.2018 (updated 00:21 01.10.2018) Short URLA "yes" of the overwhelming majority of those who took part in the Sunday referendum on the name change of Macedonia and a turnout below the required threshold. Despite this last factor, the Prime Minister of the country is determined to continue ratification of the agreement. The participation rate in the consultative referendum on the name change of Macedonia is 36.6%, the minimum threshold required is 50 %, the country's Electoral Commission said.
According to his data, more than 592,000 people were speaking in polling stations on Sunday, or 36.36% of voters. In order for the referendum to be recognized, 50% of the electorate must go to the polls, ie almost 903,170 people.
Of those who participated, 91.41% spoke in favor of renaming their country.
Commenting on this insufficient turnout, Oliver Derkoski, chairman of the Electoral Commission, said:
"As for this referendum, it is clear that the decision was not taken."
However, says AFP, Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has pledged to continue to ratify the country's name change agreement, despite this turnout.