Little known history facts: "The Americans knew well that they bombed Prague"

On February 14, 1945, the US-based Air Force, based in the United Kingdom, launched a a major raid on Dresden, but ravaged Prague. According to Washington, this was an error caused by difficult weather conditions for bombers. A Prague museum employee commented on this story for Sputnik.The Czech capital has experienced three bombings, only one of which had been planned, if we do not talk about the explosion at the end of the war when the German pilots attacked to the Prague rebels, told Sputnik Michal Plavec from the Prague National Technical Museum.
"Whatever one says about the bombing of February 14, 1945, which was targeting Dresden, but an error occurred. According to the statements of the American pilots at my disposal, the wind had deflected the planes. This is obviously an official explanation. But in reality, the Americans knew they were bombing Prague, "said the interlocutor of the agency.
And to explain that they had decided to bomb the city for the simple reason that they did not have enough kerosene to return safely to their base in the UK.
"One of the pilots [il y avait en tout 62 bombardiers, ndlr] did not obey the order and refused to drop bombs, knowing where the Americans were actually. […] The other bombers dropped their bombs on Prague, "Plavec continued.
According to him, the planned air raid against the Czech capital took place on March 25, 1945 when some of the bombers attacked the industrial area of ​​the city, especially the CKD factories (company that manufactured weapons, including tanks, for the German army, legitimate and military targets) in the districts of Karlin and Vysocany, while others bombed the Prague airports at Kbely and Letnany.
"So that you can compare, if on February 14, Prague was attacked by 15 planes [sans accompagnement par des chasseurs, ndlr]on March 25 it was a thousand and a half bombers, accompanied by 500 fighter planes. This attack was extremely massive and it was planned, "summed up Sputnik's interlocutor.
According to the official version, in February 1945 the center of Prague was the collateral victim of an aerial bombardment of Dresden by American and British allies. By mistake, the air force of the United States Army dropped some 152 tons of bombs on the Czech metropolis, killing 701 people and causing extensive material damage. Many hypotheses attempt to explain this error, and some even claim that the American pilots would have simply confused Prague with Dresden.