Lavrov still can not meet Pompeo: whose fault is it?

International10: 07 12.10.2018 (updated 10:09 12.10.2018) Short URLRussian Minister of Foreign Affairs has not been in person with his American counterpart since the Russian-American summit in Helsinki because of a "certain discretion" of Washington, considers a high-ranking Russian diplomat. According to him, this may be related to the approach of the mid-term elections in the United States.It is not Russia that prevents the organization of a meeting between the heads of Russian and American diplomacy, said Gueorgui Borissenko, director of the North American Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, in an interview with Sputnik. According to him, there is "a certain discretion" on the part of Washington in this matter.
"We never avoid our American partners and we are always ready for dialogue […] We feel a certain discretion from the American side," he said.
For the last time, Sergei Lavrov met Mike Pompeo in July in Helsinki on the sidelines of the summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Since then, they have never seen each other, even at the UN General Assembly session where both were present.
According to Borissenko, this may be related to the fact that Washington still has not established its course of action in its future relations with Moscow.
"We explain it by the fact that in Washington, they have not completely defined the line they will follow in their relations with Russia. It is possible that this uncertainty is related to future elections to the US Congress, "he added.
In late September, the head of Russian diplomacy said that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump had been invited to visit each other. Nevertheless, no concrete step had yet been taken in the concrete organization of these summits.