Judge Brett Kavanaugh Appointed to Supreme Court

Conservative Brett Kavanaugh, an American judge accused of sexual assault to which he allegedly committed suicide when he was young, was appointed by the Senate to the Court The US Senate on Saturday approved the appointment of Conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, following a chaotic confirmation process marked by charges of sexual assault against the magistrate when he was young, according to the AFP.
Mr. Kavanaugh, who categorically denied the accusations, won a narrow majority (50-48), offering a major political victory to President Donald Trump, who should put the progressive judges of the highest US judicial body in a minority for many years. .
Major demonstrations were held Thursday in Washington to call on senators to oppose the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, supported by Donald Trump and accused of sexual assault. They gave rise to the arrest of 300 people.
The Kavanaugh affair broke out in mid-September, disrupting the expected appointment of the conservative magistrate supported by President Donald Trump. Last week, one of the accusers of the judge, Christine Blasey Ford, reaffirmed before the Senate Judiciary Committee that he had tried to rape her during a party watered in the early 1980s, said AFP. The magistrate denies vigorously and a report of the FBI exonerates the judge of these accusations, declared Thursday the republican head of the commission, Chuck Grassley.