India would like to buy Russian tanks Armata

International19: 10 03.10.2018 (updated 19:22 03.10.2018) Short URLThe Indian Army would like to replace its T-72 with modern tanks Russian Armata, according to The Diplomat. According to the newspaper, the chief of staff of Indian ground troops has arrived in Russia to discuss the purchase of these state-of-the-art tanks. India plans to buy and produce 1,770 modern combat armored vehicles. after 2020 and the tank T-14 Armata would be the best candidate to replace its tanks T-72, announced Wednesday the newspaper The Diplomat.
According to the newspaper, Indian Army Chief of Staff Bipin Rawat, who began a six-day visit to Russia on Monday, could discuss Armata's universal chassis during his meetings with the Russian command. Mr Watat should visit a Russian military unit operating the Armata tanks on a trial basis.
The Armata chassis serves as a platform for more than a dozen different tracked materials, including an armored self-propelled gun, an armored military engineering vehicle, the BMP T-15 heavy infantry fighting vehicle, and the battle tank. main T-14 Armata.
Neither the Indian army nor the country's defense ministry has yet officially confirmed that Moscow and New Delhi could discuss the sale of armata armored vehicles.
But The Diplomat notes that the visit of the Indian military delegation in Moscow coincides with the talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be held in New Delhi on 4 and 5 October. During the Russian-Indian summit, the two countries are expected to sign a $ 5.5 billion deal on the delivery of five S-400 Triumph missile batteries in India.
For now, the Indian Ministry of Defense has not issued a call for tenders for the purchase of armor and potential competitors Armata are not known. According to The Diplomat, this could be the Ukrainian T-84 Oplot-M and the South Korean Hyndai Rotem K2 (Black Panther).
At present, the armored units of the Indian land forces are mainly equipped with Soviet and Russian-made equipment, including tanks T-72 and T-90.
Their maintenance and modernization could also be on the agenda of Mr Rawat's talks in Russia.