In northern Syria, radicals dig tunnels and pound civilians

International22: 46 10.10.2018 (updated 22:49 10.10.2018) Short URLThe situation in the north of Syria could get worse, because foreign jihadists are reinforcing their positions and shooting civilians despite the operation to withdraw radicals from the governorate of Idlib as part of the agreement between Moscow and Ankara. Operation of withdrawal of the radicals of the demilitarized zone in the north of Syria carried out by Turkey, announced to Sputnik one of the commanders of the Syrian army which serves in the governorate of Latakia.
According to him, jihadists are strengthening their positions, digging trenches and tunnels. Terrorist groups, such as the Al-Nusra Front *, Tanzim Hurras ad-Din * and the Turkestan Islamic Party *, are being reinforced, particularly on high ground near Kabbani, on the borderline with Idlib governorate.
The situation would worsen in this zone, because the terrorists do not intend to give up these strategic positions, estimates the Syrian soldier. The territories occupied by the radicals are between the governorates of Latakia and Idlib and Turkey. These heights allow them to control nearby areas and give them a considerable advantage over the Syrian infantry.
Because of the regular shelling of the radicals against the civilian population, the artillery of the government army must hit the positions of the latter, concluded Sputnik's interlocutor.

                    Sputnik. Morad SaeedThe government army must hit the positions of radicals
Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan had previously agreed in Sochi to set up a demilitarized zone 15 to 20 km wide along the line of contact between government forces and armed opposition groups in the governorate of Idlib before October 15th.
* Terrorist organization banned in Russia