"Great diplomat" Hitler: Paris reacts to the words of the President of the Ukrainian Rada

Asked to comment on the remarks made by the Ukrainian Speaker about the role played by Adolf Hitler in the development of democracy, a representative of the Quai d'Orsay has given a categorical answer.France categorically condemns any attempt to justify Nazism, said a representative of the Quai d'Orsay, commenting on the words of the president of the Ukrainian Rada on Adolf Hitler qualified by him "Greatest diplomat of history".
"France condemns in the strongest way any apologia for Nazism," was the answer to the question about Paris's attitude to Hitler's eulogy.
Recall that Andrei Parouby's statement was made live on the Ukrainian TV channel ICTV. The president of the Rada also called on the audience to "do not forget the Führer's contribution to the development of democracy".
Following this speech, the Ukrainian opposition has called on foreign countries to condemn these statements.
In June, Andrei Parouby was however received with honors by his French counterpart at the time, François de Rugy, in the National Assembly.