Five selfies that turned to drama

International21: 13 04.10.2018 (updated 21:20 04.10.2018) Short URLRussia took 2nd place in the sad ranking of deaths caused by selfies , behind India and in front of the United States. Selfies can be deadly, but people continue to take risks to make the best photo. Russian media recalls five selfies that killed their authors.India, Russia and the United States lead the self-death rankings with 159, 16 and 14 deaths since 2011, respectively , according to an Indian study published by the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care. Let us mention some selfies of Russians who have turned to drama in recent years.
Selfie with a detonated grenade
A 26-year-old man was photographed with a rifle grenade in Labinsk, Krasnodar Territory during the winter of 2017. He had time to post the photo on social media and send it to several friends. He then stopped responding to the messages.

His body was found in a car heavily damaged by an explosion. According to the police, he had not had time to put the pin back on.

Dead in the name of beautiful images
In October 2017, a tourist, Natalia Borodina, died in a road accident in the Dominican Republic. Topless, she pulled her head out of a car while her girlfriend, who was driving, was filming her.
The young woman was struck by an obstacle, probably a traffic sign. Badly injured in the head, she died in the hospital. The tragedy took place on a highway near Punta Cana.

In search of new shots
In 2015, in Vologda, a senior student, Andrei Petrovski, fell from the top of an eight-story building while posing for an impressive photo.
Andrey wanted his boyfriend to take a picture where he pretended to fall. But he dropped the rope that held him on the roof. The doctors could not save him.

Self portrait on a bridge
In 2014, a student from Russia's Ksenia Ignatieva High School photographed a railway bridge in St. Petersburg, according to local media reports.
Having reached the highest point of the bridge, the teenager lost her balance and clung to a high-voltage cable. The police discovered Ksenia's body under the bridge.
Lesson for others
In 2013, a rider, Pavel Kachine, who was performing a backflip on the roof of a 15-storey building in St. Petersburg, missed his exercise. Fallen from the top of the building, he later succumbed to his injuries.

His father posted the latest picture of his son on social media to teach other adventurers a lesson.
According to the experts of the Indian study, 259 fatal selfies were recorded in the world between October 2011 and November 2017 and these are only the declared deaths. The average age of victims of "selficides" is about 23 years and men are more numerous (72.5%) than women (27.5%) among the dead people taking selfies. The most common causes of death from selfies are drowning, falling off a cliff or building, and a shock to a vehicle.