Fishermen encircled far from the coast by a shark of 4 meters (video)

Company17: 02 01.09.2018 (updated 17:03 01.09.2018) Short URLWhile two Australians had gone to the fishing in the Indian Ocean off Mindarie, Western Australia, a large shark 4 meters long approached their boat and began to swim around them, leaving his fin out of the water. 'water. Chills in the back Mates Barry Evans and Ian McGuire went fishing on the morning of September 1 from near Mindarie, a coastal suburb of Perth, Australia, reports local media.

When they had moved away from the coast, after about 15 minutes a shark approached their boat. Close to them now, the shark began to make rounds around the small boat while one of the fishermen filmed the scene, which he then posted on the social networks.
Mr. Evans nonetheless said that the shark was "docile" and "anything but aggressive" before adding that he was only "observing" them.
The video ends with Mr. Evans describing the shark as a "big boy".