Druze Golan express their unwavering support to Bashar al-Assad

International21: 24 06.10.2018 (updated 21:25 06.10.2018) Short URL Branding Syrian flags and portraits of Bashar Assad, dozens of Druze living on the Golan Heights gathered Sunday to celebrate the victories of the Syrian army in its fight against terrorists in Syria, Reuters reports. Wearing their traditional black outfits and white hats, dozens of Druze from the Golan Heights gathered on Saturday near the cease-fire line between Israel and Syria to express their support for Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian army, writes Reuters.
Organized on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Arab-Israeli war of 1973, this demonstration brought together those who wanted to celebrate with the Syrian people the "final stage of the victory" of the government army, explained to Reuters Emil Masoud , 38 years old.
In 1981, the Israeli parliament passed a law on the Golan Heights proclaiming unilateral Israeli sovereignty over that Syrian territory that Israel has been controlling since 1967. The UN Security Council did not recognize this decision. Like the Druze who refused to accept Israeli citizenship. Of the 23,000 inhabitants, only about 9,000 are citizens of the Jewish state, and this only because people born after 1990 receive it automatically.