Debates on pedophilia in Poland: "Even p **** do not earn as much"

Company21: 53 09.10.2018 (updated 21:55 09.10.2018) Short URLFrom several days , the name of Stanislaw Michalkiewicz, editorialist of Radio Maryja and Telewizja Trwam, is on everyone's lips in Poland, following his scandalous comment about the compensation of a victim of a priest-pedophile. In a video posted on YouTube, the journalist of the popular Radio Maryja Catholic station, Stanislaw Michalkiewicz, made derogatory remarks, commenting on the case of Polish woman Katarzyna, who was sexually abused at the age of 13 by a pedophile priest and was fighting present to be compensated.
Stanislaw Michalkiewicz was most indignant at the fact that he was not the erotomanian priest, but his parish should now compensate the girl.

Taking the side of the victim, the court convicted the Society of Jesus for turning a blind eye to the pedophile priest in his ranks.
According to Polish media, the victim is 24 years old today, but she still has not overcome her trauma of the past. The priest had held her in captivity and raped for more than 10 months. Since then, Katarzyna has been under constant psychological follow-up.
And the priest Roman B.? After serving his four-year prison sentence, he was released and settled in a house for retired priests.
According to Mr. Michalkiewicz, alleged victims have found a great way to earn money and to advertise with such loud scandals.
"Win a million zlotys [232.500 euros, ndlr] for harassment, because someone put their hand under a skirt, who would not want it? […] Many women take off their skirts for a lot less money. And here's a million zlotys and a lifetime allowance, "smiles the journalist, and there's laughter behind the camera.
"One million zlotys […]. Even p **** do not earn as much in the world, not to mention our poor country, I do not know how he will support it," he railed.
The Center for the Monitoring of Racism and Xenophobia was interested in Stanislaw Mikhalkevich's case, noting on his Facebook page that the journalist had exceeded all the limits of the permit and should answer for his words in court.