Bomb attack foiled in France: Germany will extradite an Iranian diplomat

International21: 10 01.10.2018 (updated 21:12 01.10.2018) Short URLAn Iranian diplomat suspected of being bound to a planned attack against a rally of an Iranian opposition group in France will be given to Belgium in accordance with the decision taken by a German court.A German court authorized the sending to Belgium of an Iranian diplomat suspected of being involved in a case related to the bombing of the Iranian opposition near Paris.
"The accused person can not rely on his diplomatic immunity because she was on leave for several days outside her host country, Austria, and she was not traveling between her host country and her country. of origin (or vice versa), "said the court in a statement, explaining that the decision was made on 27 September.
In July, the Belgian federal prosecutor's office announced that he had arrested two Belgians of Iranian origin in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre who allegedly planned a bomb attack on 30 June against the Iranian opposition gathered near Paris. Belgian deminers have found in the car of the couple charged with equipment to make a bomb, including 500 grams of explosive TATP and a detonator, according to the RTBF.
A contact of the couple, an Iranian diplomat stationed in Vienna, was arrested in Germany, as well as an alleged accomplice in France. Tehran then denounced, on the one hand, the allegations concerning an alleged Iranian operation and, on the other hand, the "sinister and deceitful ploy" of the foiled attack on France.