Are Arab residents in the Czech Republic preparing a bridgehead for migrants?

Points of view20: 20 06.10.2018 (updated 20:24 06.10.2018) Short URLSputnik: The number Arab tourists in Teplice increased in the last few years?
Iva Procházková: Although the number of tourists has even decreased, there are still quite a few Arab nationals in the city. […] The number of Muslims in Šanov, for example, has a significant impact on the quality of life in this neighborhood.
Sputnik: Has the current migration crisis in Europe caused a change in the attitude of Teplice residents towards Arab tourists?
Iva Procházková: It is difficult today to confuse a migrant with a Muslim tourist, and I do not see that the migratory wave is reflected in the attitude of the citizens of our city towards Arab tourists. What must be of primary concern to the inhabitants of Teplice are the Muslim settlements in the city and the close uncontrolled borders with Germany. The German secret services admit that nearly 2,000 Muslims are the subject of arrest warrants in their territory. I think that the idea of ​​taking refuge with their co-religionists in Teplice probably does not seem crazy to some of them.
Sputnik: Do tourists from Arab countries want to settle permanently in the Czech Republic?
Iva Procházková: I am very concerned that Muslims are buying hundreds of land in Teplice, but that they also have houses in the center of the city. Moreover, information about what is happening and is preached in Czech mosques is rather frightening.
Sputnik: Do you believe that Abdul Rahman Khalouf and Ziad Hindawi [les deux candidats d’origine arabe aux élections municipales, dont le premier est Syrien, mais pas musulman, ndlr] will not defend the interests of the majority of the population of Teplice, only because of their Arab origins?
Iva Procházková: I do believe it […] Islam has its own system of law and its own code of ethics. That is why I am convinced that the claim that Abdul Rahman and Ziad Hindawi will defend the interests of the city is not correct. There is no doubt that sitting in the city hall and administering the city is a great contribution to Islam. I also believe that they are good Muslims, but that is precisely why they should not decide for the inhabitants of a country that is not Muslim, "concluded Sputnik's interlocutor. expressed in this content are the sole responsibility of the interviewee.