And if China ever becomes a world teacher for artificial intelligence?

China, which aims to achieve global leadership in artificial intelligence (AI) by 2030 is already in become a global factory in this field. Sputnik spoke with Liu Xingliang, a Chinese internet technology specialist, about his country's prospects. Everything points out that China has found a new niche, becoming a global factory of the 21st century doing all the work demanding a lot of people. for the creation of artificial intelligence, Liu Xingliang, a Chinese specialist in internet technologies, told Sputnik.
"China has every chance to become a global factory and the foundation for developing artificial intelligence. On the technical side, we have a lot of experience. Although we can not compete with the United States yet for the level of innovation and fundamental technologies, our benefits are quite obvious in comparison to other countries, "said the agency's interlocutor.
And to add that these competitive advantages were explained among other things by an impressive amount of data and the workforce able to process these data. The Chinese, rather the Chinese, have agreed to do this work which is certainly not difficult, but monotonous and exhausting.
According to Liu, China can easily become the world's teacher of machinery.
China relies heavily on artificial intelligence, and in this race, the Chinese enjoy a huge advantage, holding a huge part of the data needed to drive the algorithms.