An enigma of Easter Island now breakthrough

Sci-tech22: 55 10.10.2018 (updated 23:00 10.10.2018) Short URLAmerican scientists have found an answer to the riddle about how the ancient inhabitants of Easter Island managed to drink seawater. They concluded that the Aborigines had learned to get water from the flow of unsalted water directly to the sea after American archaeologists have discovered how the people of Easter Island have learned to collect drinking water from the ocean. On the island, there are almost no rivers and lakes, so the way in which ancient islanders managed to get unsalted water was an enigma, says the site. from the State University of New York to Binghamton.

According to study co-author Carl Lipo, who has been studying the daily life of the Rapanuis (aborigines of Easter Island) for 20 years, the volcanic soil absorbed rain moisture very quickly and small lakes could not provide the sufficient amount of water. The experts measured the salinity level on the coast and came to the conclusion that this water was still drinkable.
"The groundwater flows down the slope towards the ocean. During high tide, the flow of unsalted water goes directly to the sea. And, as a result, people could use these natural sources to collect drinking water, "said Lipo.
This confirms 18th-century scientific research, which argued that Rapanuis drank seawater. Following these findings, US researchers plan to examine whether there is a link between new discoveries about drinking water and the moai, the monumental statues of Easter Island shaped like huge human heads on the island.