A Syrian invented an electronic patrol boat equipped with a Kalashnikov (video)

The Syrian engineer Hamzah Salam invented an automatic guarding system with a Kalashnikov assault rifle, and now, his village Shreihi's native is protected by this iron guard, installed on the roof of a house. Sputnik met the inventor. Last summer, Daesh * terrorists attacked villages in eastern Soueida province. 250 civilians were killed, hundreds wounded and dozens of villagers abducted. Dozens of people were also killed or wounded in the village of Shreihi, prompting Hamzah Salam to create a fire system that could be described as an "electronic sniper".
"This automatic system monitors the situation and opens fire, if necessary. The "electronic sniper" can be remotely controlled and put into automatic mode, "Syrian engineer Hamzah Salam told Sputnik.
And to add that on its base that rotates 360 degrees, you could mount a machine gun as well as a rifle.
"Equipped with night vision devices, the cameras transmit the image to the computer that analyzes it. The situation is monitored 24 hours a day, day and night without interruption, "continued the Syrian.

According to the latter, if unusual movements are detected by the system recognizing different types of movements, the fire is immediately opened with the highest precision.
* Terrorist organization banned in Russia